Investigating the site

Searching for a drain, according to the plan it should be here 🤔 As part of understanding what is on site and making the facilities we have as useful as possible, Chris P and Phil have relocated a drain run and a manhole.

Pump rod

Steve has been drilling and tapping a stuck bolt and getting a 'work out' in the process. It is part of the mechanism in the cataract chamber that the engineers are freeing up as part of the process to get the old engine moving 🙂

Site Interpretation

Chris P. has been busy laying paviours in the grass area to the South of the 1870s building. He has marked the position of the pilot well which was the first well to be sunk on site and also the route of the Hanch tunnel which runs under the middle of Lichfield and eventually feeds water into the pilot well. The pilot well is connected by underground tunnels to the four other wells on site, from which water was then pumped.


In a collaborative between the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust and Lichfield Waterworks Trust, we celebrated another successful and productive year restoring our industrial heritage for the benefit of the whole community and for you to enjoy

First Aid Training

Biscuits to keep us going

You will be pleased to know that the Lichfield Waterworks Trust volunteers had a great day doing their first aid training. It’s nice to know that preserving industrial heritage is far more than polishing and oiling rusty parts. Statistically, these new first aiders are more likely to come to the aid of the public than fellow volunteers at Sandfields, so by the LWT investing in its people, everyone in the community wins.

Tesco Grant

Excellent news, Lichfield Waterworks Trust have just been awarded a grant of £2,000 from the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ scheme. This is a significant grant that will help the trust achieve its goals of making Lichfield’s most significant piece of industrial heritage accessible to the community, and another step towards securing a sustainable future for this Grade II* listed building.