The Scaffold

Remember 'The Scaffold' and their song 'Lily the Pink'? Oh, you must be older than you look! Anyway, we now have our own scaffold installed both inside the pumping station around the condenser and outside the 1960s building. We have been trying to get someone to install scaffolding for us for about six month with various companies visiting us, giving quotes and then never delivering. Then all of a sudden, just like buses, two turn up within one week!

Elevate Scaffolding of Rugeley came along first to give the engineering team access to work on the condenser and the underside of the force pump and weight.

These areas of the pumping station have not had any work on them in recent years because of the difficult access. Work is now progressing to clean and free up the movement of these parts.

ROBnSON Scaffolding Services arrived a few days later and spent some hours building up access scaffolding to the roof of the 1960s building and then fitting safety rails around the edge.There have been leaks in this roof for a long time but work has already started with some temporary fixes to stop them.

In the long term we want to add insulation on top of this roof and finish it off with a sound, waterproof finish but we will need to find funding for this as well as checking the roof structure is strong enough to take it.

A big Thank You to both companies for their support!

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